Member Services

At WOW! Work Out World it is our pleasure to provide you with a great experience. We are committed to delivering exceptional member services. It is our sincere hope that you are completely satisfied with the services provided with your WOW! Work Out World membership.

Should you ever experience a problem or have a question, WOW! Work Out World would like to know. We are always interested in suggestions that would allow us to improve your experience at WOW! Work Out World

Please contact our corporate office with any comments at Using email allows us to gather all information regarding any problems, questions or suggestions.

Thank you for choosing our team at WOW! Work Out World

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I transfer my membership to another club?
First check with your club to see if your membership allows you access to all WOW! Work Out World locations. If not please visit the WOW! Work Out World you wish to transfer to, fill out the transfer form with our staff and pay the $25 transfer fee.

Why do I have a balance on my account?
If your membership dues cannot be processed on your billing date, either the 1st for your monthly dues or the 15th for your enhancement fee, you then owe the amount of your monthly dues plus a $10 service fee. Log into your Member Services Account to check the status of your account. You can see what credit card or checking account information is being used for monthly billing. You can also see the reason for the balance due and pay your balance online.

Can you waive the $10 service fee?
If the reason your monthly dues did not process was due to credit card fraud or if your account was compromised, we can remove one service fee. You must provide a letter from your bank or credit card agency stating so. This can be emailed to Please do not bring your letter into your gym. Thank You!

Can I freeze or suspend my membership?
We can accommodate a membership freeze for medical reasons only. Please provide us with a medical note and let us know the date on which you can return. This can be emailed to Please do not bring your note into your gym. Thank you!

How do I change my billing information?
You can update your billing information by logging into your account. Since we bill with an outside agency please allow 30 days processing time.

Account Login

Use the WOW! Work Out World Member Portal to: Check your membership status, Pay a balance online, Update account information, View and print billing history and View and print club usage.

Click on the club in which you initially joined to log in or create your account to use any of these options.

Cancellation Policy

We cannot accept phone, fax, e-mail, or in person cancellation requests. Please refer to your contract for our cancellation policy.